Case Studies


We are currently looking for 40 more case study buildings, which are planning an energy renovation.Please contact us through if you have further questions or like to take part.
If you wish to candidate a building as case study, you need to provide only few information.  It is an easy process, be part of the ABRA renovation!

Download here the poster

These case studies will then be included in the ABRACADABRA project and will benefit of the results of the set of ABRACADABRA toolkits (Technical, Financial and Regulatory). Case studies will be tested to analyse the possible volumetric Add-ons and Renewables (AdoRe) and the toolkits will provide specific answers regarding the potential of each type of ADORES including technological solutions, potential energy reduction, potential economical booster to the investment and normative guidelines. All the buildings included in the ABRACADABRA project plan will also benefit of the inclusion in the ABRA-COMMUNITY, a broad and extensive European network of research institutes, professionals, construction companies, housing associations, energy agencies, public authorities and financial institutions that share the commitment in promoting this innovative approach to energy renovation.

All that is required to apply with your buildings/ project, is the data collected in the sheet attached to this document and are related to the geometry of the building, its technology and energy consumptions, the availability of energy bills and original drawings (or survey). Drawings of the buildings and surrounding urban compound are compulsory material to be selected as ABRA case study.

To take part in our initiative and candidate a building to become an ABRA CASE STUDY BUILDING you can join our Facebook and twitter pages or contact us through our website

ABRACADABRA is based on the prior assumption that substantial increase in the real estate value of the existing buildings can play a key role in the deep renovation. The project’s ambition aims at:

–        The important reduction of the pay back time of the energy retrofit interventions;

–        The strengthening of the key investors’ confidence;

–        The increasing quality and attractiveness of the existing buildings’ stock

–        The concrete market acceleration towards the Nearly Zero Energy Buildings target.

Therefore, ABRACADABRA aims at demonstrating to the key stakeholders and financial investors the attractiveness of a new renovation strategy based on volumetric Add-ons and Renewables (AdoRe) intended as one (or a set of) Assistant Building unit(s) – like aside or façade addictions, rooftop extensions or even an entire new building construction – that “adopt” the existing buildings (the Assisted Buildings) to achieve nearly zero energy.

As shown in the scheme, there are four different scenarios in the ABRA strategy, considering possible extension of the existing volume as ground addition, top addition, aside addition or facade addition. A fifth scenario is also taken into account considering to build an entire new building as assistant building, helping to reduce the overall energy balance of the new and old building as close as possible to the zero target.


The project foresees the testing of the above-described approach on a broad selection of building typologies involving all the European regions that are part of the consortium. Abracadabra is currently involving 10 European compounds which will be tested for renovation through AdoRES. The first pilot case studies are illustrated in the following image.