Financial toolkit

Description of the toolkit

The present calculator will allow you to carry out an estimation of the return of investment and payback period required for the different energy efficiency measures you may be considering, as well as the new value of the building after the construction of an AdoRe

Input needed to use the toolkit

To start with the calculations, the first step is to select your country and to insert the value amounts of the actual building and the investments foreseen.

For the consideration for the replacements needed along the project, the cost of the installations as well as the replacement period for each one need to be introduced.

In order to consider the value of the construction, you need to fill the following information belonging to the building in consideration and the area where is located.

In case a loan is considered to be used for the investment needed for the project, you need to fill in the boxes to consider the financial costs involved. If you are not taking out a loan, click “I am not taking out a loan”.

To compute the effect of savings in the energy costs, you need to fill in the boxes with the overall yearly costs and the expected savings (in percentage) of gas and electricity. It is also necessary to consider a percentage of maintenance cost of the renovation.

Outputs that could be achieved thanks to the toolkit

Estimation of the return of investment and payback period

Draft version of the toolkit

Open the tool

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