2nd Capacity Building webinar: Retrofitting through AdoRes: the perspectives of Property Owners Local Governments and Social Housing – 15 May 2018

Abracadabra invites you to follow the 2nd Capacity Building webinar of the Project!

The webinar will explore the Property owners, social housing providers and the Public Authorities perspectives, trying to answer the question “How AdoRes can support Property Owners or social housing providers to activate a deep renovation of their buildings and Local Governments to support Mitigation and Resilience Policies

How property owners and social housing providers can find added value to invest on and develop AdoRes?

Which steps shall a Local Authority set up towards an “AdoRes” roadmap for public and private buildings?

Property owners, Building professionals, policy makers from local governments and regional authorities, financial experts, practitioners, and researchers are invited to the second ABRACADABRA webinar focusing on Property owners and local Authorities perspectives.

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The programme is here available .