ABRACADABRA 7th National Meeting in Latvia

ABRACADABRA team is glad to invite you to the 7th National Meeting in Latvia, that will take place nn 17th December 2017 in Riga (Latvia), Noliktavas street 3-2.

The objective of the 7th round of National Meeting in RIGA will be to discuss the opportunities created by AdoRES in fostering the Financial Models and bankability of extreme renovation on already existing buildings projects as the main issue in deep renovation is the investment gap caused by:

  • an excessively high degree of risk
  • long payback times
  • the general “invisibility of the energy benefit”

In conclusion, the results of the meeting in Riga will contribute to the ABRACADABRA policy recommendations on social housing that will be further discussed and finalised during the international workshop on Financial models and bankability opportunities for AdoRES in Brussels on February 7th 2019.