Newsletter1- ABRACADABRA Regulatory Toolkit to help policymakers support AdoRes

As one of the key deliverables from the ABRACADABRA project, the Regulatory Toolkit is being developed to support Public Administrations in charge of territorial and building regulations. In line with the ABRACADABRA approach of Add-ons and Renewables, the Toolkit will explain regulatory issues as well as highlight best practices from the target countries of the project: Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Romania, Spain and the Netherlands.

The aim of the Regulatory Toolkit is to support Public Administrations and practitioners in estimating the right type and amount of possible Add-ons according to the regulatory context for specific projects that may be developed, , in order to achieve a sustainable and cost-efficient business model for tenants, developers and owners. It will also provide, with a country specific approach, a set of benchmarks that regulators and civil servants can use to when working on energy refurbishment through Adores.

One of the key hurdles when implementing AdoRes is overcoming regulatory obstacles, notably those linked to property rights, tenancy, condominium law and local and regional urban planning rules. The ABRACADABRA Regulatory Toolkit aims to help policymakers navigate these issues by providing background information on common problems and examples of how to overcome them.

Also other non-legally binding regulatory elements such as the presence of SEAPs or Climate Plans  will be considered, in order to support the selection of the best option on a case-based approach. Moreover  environmental as well social sustainability criteria will be investigated and will represent key elements of the recommendations provided.

The Regulatory Toolkit is one of three project Toolkits (in addition to the Technical Toolkit and the Financial Toolkit) which together will provide a wealth of knowledge and practical guidance for stakeholders interested in implementing AdoRes. It is being developed through desk research and interviews with targeted stakeholders, with a special focus on best practices and what makes them work.

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