National Meeting n. 4 –Focus on Economic assessment and Financial models for AdoRes

The organization of the fourth round of National Meeting (NM) has started. The 8 team on each country  , with the support of Association involved in the project,are activating their network to discuss the “Financial  aspects related” to Adores and the Financial Tool Kit. All the NMs will be held before the International Workshop (IW) on “Financial tool Kit” that will be in Barcelona the 4th October 2017.


  • Bulgaria June 21-22 2017 Varna
  • Greece August 31 2017  Athens
  • Italy July 25 2017 Genova
  • Lativa September 6 2017 Riga
  • The Netherlands September 12 2017 Delft
  • Norway September 6 2017 Bergen
  • Romania September 5 2017 Brasov
  • Spain June 2 2017 Sevilla


For further info please register yourself in our website and check documents available within the section “ABRA COMMUNITY”.