National Meeting n. 5 –Focus on Private Property Owners constraints: Making the Business Case for Property Owners

The aim of the 5th National Meetings of the 8 Abrcadabra Stakeholders communities to engage a broad range of stakeholders, in particular private property owners and their representatives, and access and collect their feedback and recommendations to be fed back into the ABRACADABRA project.

The discussion will focus on making the business case for property owners to choose AdoRes solutions. It will primarily address the main types of private housing tenures and private ownership: owner-occupiers, private landlords (individual or professional) and condominium owners.

Knowledge and feedback will be collected on:

  • Barriers to AdoREs from a property owner’s perspective;
  • Input to facilitate property owners’ decision and make the business case;
  • Guidance for property owner associations to support the adoption of AdoREs among final users;
  • Identification of case studies for illustration purposes in the Guidelines.
  • Bulgaria – January 13th 2018 – Sofia
  • Greece – January 11th 2018 – Athens
  • Italy – January 12th 2018 – Bologna
  • Latvia – January 15th 2018 – Riga
  • The Netherlands – January 9th 2018 – Delft
  • Norway – January 10th 2018 – Trondheim (tbc)
  • Romania – January 18th 2018 – Brasov
  • Spain – 3rd week of January 2018 – Webinar

For further info please register yourself in our website and check documents available within the section “ABRA COMMUNITY”.

For Administrators, Civil Servants, Officers and Politicians: to engage you community in the development of the AdoRes, please fill in the “ABRA_PA Engagement Letter_Final” and send it to