Newsletter1- PadovaFIT! – Padova keeps in shape!



Private residential buildings have one of the biggest shares of energy use at the global level. CO2 emissions related to private buildings in Padova add up to 30% of the total share. In fact, the city’s residential building stock was mainly built in a period that had no specific energy codes.  This means that there is an urgent need for energy efficiency interventions to cut waste of natural resources and to comply with GHG emission reduction policies.


The reasons behind PadovaFIT!

The actions included in the SEAP (Sustainable Energy Action Plan) of the city of Padova gave the formal go-ahead to apply for EU co-financing through PadovaFIT!: an ambitious project whose ultimate goal is to support the energy refurbishment of the privately-owned, multi-property residential building stock in the city.


By participating in PadovaFIT! the citizens of Padova can get:

… better in-house comfort

… lower energy bills

… the re-qualification of their building

… a reduction of energy losses and of COemissions


Possible categories of measures can include:

  • Energy saving in heating: total and partial renovation of heating systems
  • Energy saving in electric appliances using more efficient technologies (pumps, lamps, boilers)
  • Renewable energy plants (photovoltaic and solar thermal)
  • General refurbishment (structural measures: Thermal insulation coating, window fixtures…)


How PadovaFIT! works

The project aggregates all the participating buildings to generate a critical mass and achieve favorable economic conditions and guarantee on the quality of the work to be done by contractors.


 Who can join? (within the urban boundaries of the city of Padova)

  • Households
  • Apartment blocks/condominiums
  • Building managers
  • House owners
  • Estate agents


Who carries out the works, and with what type of contract?

An Energy Service Company (ESCO),  in partnership with an engineering company, has been selected to perform the works in the participating buildings and has become the PadovaFIT! delivery partner.


The Energy Service Company is a firm that manages integrated energy services and that offers contracts with guaranteed performance (-30% of energy consumption compared to the baseline), whose fees are directly connected to the achieved energy savings (energy performance contracting – EPC). An ESCO usually operates through Third Party Financing (TPF).


The “Guaranteed Saving” contractual mechanism makes it possible to repay the financial investment needed – which is provided by the Energy Service Company – with the savings generated by the refurbishment measures.


The Energy Service Company is therefore re-payed according to the real energy savings obtained with the refurbishment measures: the Energy Service Company finances (or receives financing) for the agreed-upon refurbishment project and executes the works.


The delivery partner has been selected through a public tender managed by the Comune di Padova.


PadovaFIT! has been running since June 2013, will finish in July 2017 and has triggered nearly €2 million worth of EPC contracts including investments.