Regulatory Toolkit

Description of the toolkit

The Regulatory toolkit addresses major regulatory obstacles in relation to add-ons, notably linked to property rights, tenancy and condominium law as well as local and urban planning rules. Different configurations of AdoRes are considered in order to support the selection of the best options. Environmental and social criteria are also investigated and generate recommendations the tool provides.

Input needed to use the toolkit

The tool – through a mind tree process – supports the knowledge of regulatory elements both at European scale and at the national and local level of the 8 countries involved in Abracadabra.

Outputs that could be achieved thanks to the toolkit

The Regulatory toolkit provides an active overview  – based of Abracadabra case studies – on the regulatory elements related to AdoRes for potential replication.

Local Authorities representatives and professionals can get a wide and up to date variety of regulatory informations at European, National and local scale on the normative elements related to AdoRes – through the knowledge’s gained by Abracadabra case studies.

The toolkit gives also informations on other regulatory topics related to Energy renovation. both prescriptive and voluntary such as NzeB regulations and SECAPs guidelines.

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